Walter Uhl

technische Mikroskopie GmbH & Co. KG

Centring Microscope ZM1The Centring Microscope ZM1 is a sturdy, optical precision instrument to be attached on machines, control devices, measuring devices and equipment.
The high quality, coated optics and the complete metalic design ensures a high durability.

Eyepiece with diopter compensation and crosshair with concentric circles

Straight tube, 45° or 90° image redirection available

Versions with prism for image erection

Special designs are available upon request.

Magnifications  Fields of view Measurement range Resolution
5x to 185x 60 mm to
1.3 mm
- -


Clamping cube with focussing element

Incident light: LED ring light and transformer

• C-mount adaptor, high resolution USB digital color camera, manual measuring software VMS-USB

Centring Mircroscope ZM1 BrochureZM1 brochure download...